1957 Plymouth Savoy Two Door Sedan

1957 Plymouth Savoy, Never Been Titled, 31 ORIGINAL MILES !!!!
Savoys and Custom Suburbans shared the same general level of trim and appointments. They were Plymouth's mid-priced lines and had the same basic design changes as Plazas. The amount of standard equipment and decorative items was one step up the scale. The Savoy had all features of the lower priced car plus air foam seat cushions; arm rests; horn-blowing ring; dual sun visors and single horizontal side molding running from behind the headlights to just above the back-up lights. Dual, tapering 'Sport Tone' molding treatments were an option available at extra cost. Savoy block lettering was placed on the side of fins on passenger cars, while the comparable Suburban had double nameplate attached at mid-fin height. They read 'Custom' in script in block letters.
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Engine Size: 

8 - Cyl.
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Passing Lane Motors, LLC
514 Mae Court
Fenton, MO 63026
United States

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(636) 600-1140

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