About Timeless Rides

What does an avid classic auto fan who loves web design do with his spare time? You're looking at it. I've spent over 7 years now designing, testing, and redesigning my "Timeless" websites devoted to helping buyers and sellers in the classic auto market. I'm very proud to offer this COMPLETELY FREE website to collector truck sellers and buyers.

Here’s a quick historical rundown of my little project. I graduated with a degree in Information Management, and my first real job was with Hollander, helping manage their automotive parts interchange database. Layoffs happened a few years into the gig before the company was sold, and I found myself working at another software company, but it was not in the automotive industry.

Not long into this new job, I decided to learn some programming language and build my own website, where I could have my own blog and classified ads for users to use, and because it was only a hobby at the time, I decided to allow the ads free to post. Everything was just kind of in beta as I added each new feature one at a time.

I never had the real time needed to make it all work 100% as I initially envisioned, With some marketing background, I knew the future of the web was not just google, so I wanted to incorporate YouTube, facebook and other social media data, and allow unlimited amount of high definition images, etc. I knew what I needed to get a lot of viewers to make at least a little bit of cash to cover hosting with free ads. Unfortunately the site was pretty successful, making the “bloated rookie” code extremely slow with the site.

This quickly took a toll on my server and performance. My website came to a crawl with all the traffic, and I decided to stop working on it after a year+, and start from scratch from all newfound knowledge.

You are now seeing that completely new site, 1+ year in the making,15 mn’s at a time with my busy life. I envision the largest FREE classic auto database on the web, allowing buyers and sellers to easily connect. What I want for myself is a database to be able to find whatever classic auto I want at anytime, from one location. No reasons why not to make that free to all

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