Complete Classic Car Buyers Guide

Complete Classic Car Buyers Guide
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COMPLETE Classic Car Buyers Guide

Chapter 1 - Determine What Classic Car You Want
Chapter 2 - Searching for a Classic Car
Chapter 3 - Classic Car Dealers
Chapter 4 - Finding a Classic Car on the Internet
Chapter 5 - Buying a Classic Car on eBay
Chapter 6 - Classic Car Auctions
Chapter 7 - Inspecting a Classic Car
Chapter 8 - Classic Car Financing
Chapter 9 - Purchasing a Classic Car
Chapter 10 - Delivering a Classic Car
Chapter 11 - Classic Car Insurance
Chapter 12 - Maintaining Your Classic Car

This buyers guide is a culmination of months of work, talking to many collectors, dealers, and using my own past experiences in the hobby. If you are a first time buyer, I guarantee this will be one of the best reads and is basically a requirement to make your first purchase go smoothly. If you are an experienced buyer, there's likely something to learn in this guide, especially in the sections you haven't bought through yet (i.e. eBay, classic car dealerships, auctions, etc.).

There are millions of websites devoted to the automobile, but most are just noise and clutter on the internet highway. Some can even be “road hazards”. This guide will help you navigate through the system to help you find that dream ride of yours.

I'm keeping this short because some of these chapters are quite long (with lots of valuable information). Enjoy, and please comment on any chapter if you have anything to add. This will be a work in progress, if you have anything to add please comment on the chapter page.